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Congress just handed Trump a golden ticket.

It’s a way to juice the economy… and potentially make a handful of investors like you very rich.

In short, new legislation is about to send the biotech sector soaring higher.

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The legislation has already passed. Now it just needs to be put into effect, which could happen as early as February 28.

The experts are calling it “a real nitro boost for the future of the biotech sector in the U.S.”

Analysts are calling it “a magnificent time for investors to re-evaluate their association with this high-growth sector.”

They say that “Biotech stocks that have consistently performed well are poised to reap the maximum benefits.”

If you’re not in on this situation, you could end up missing the biggest boom we’ll see in stocks over the next 10 years.

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And remember, biotech stocks have the ability to deliver the BIGGEST gains in the market.

Like when Aquinox Pharmaceuticals jumped from $2 to $55 in just two trading days.

Or when Intuitive Surgical grew from $7.50 to over $870.

Or when Medivation rose from just 20 cents to $81.

NOTHING can change your portfolio faster than a huge win in the biotech markets.

And there are more winners coming in the months ahead.

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