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Skousen Investor Cafe: Conditions in the United States and Europe are Bad News for Investors


The latest negative market conditions for investors include slowing gross domestic product (GDP) growth and poor employment reports in the United States, as well as bad news in Europe. GDP growth in the United States edged down to just an annual rate of 2.2% during the first quarter of 2012, compared to 3% at the […]

Skousen Investor Cafe: We Are Headed off of a Fiscal Cliff — Milken Conference Report


I spent this week in Beverly Hills attending the famous Milken Institute Global Conference, hosted by Michael Milken, and the watch word I heard repeatedly about the U.S. economy was “fiscal cliff.” The huge debt load the United States is facing on top of the trillions in unfunded liabilities is cause for alarm. A crisis […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: The Road to Morocco Leads to Investing Ideas for the Emerging Markets


I just returned from a trip to Morocco for the first time where I met fellow economists and I tried to procure investing ideas to share with you about emerging markets. The visit marked the 72nd country that I have set foot upon in my well-traveled career. As you may recall from my e-letter last […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: World Economic Issues Could Imperil Savings of U.S. Investors


The world seems to be closely intertwined these days. The economies around the globe meld together and can affect U.S. investors dramatically. The interconnectedness is one reason why I travel internationally to scout out new investment opportunities. I like to talk to people in other countries and to see first hand how economies around the […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: George W. Bush, The Comeback Kid


Yesterday, I went to the New York Historical Society in downtown New York, where Amity Shlaes organized the “The 4% Growth Project” via the George W. Bush Center. It was quite the star-studded show. I met President Bush again, plus Karl Rove; Steve Forbes and Rich Karlgaard from Forbes magazine; Rupert Murdoch (!), John Stossel […]

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Skousen Investor CAFE: Fed is Right Not to Launch Quantitative Easing Part III


The markets reacted the wrong way yesterday by pulling back when the minutes from the last Federal Reserve meeting were released this week. The minutes indicated that the Fed was not planning on launching a third round of quantitative easing (QE3). In my view, the Fed has overindulged with quantitative easing in the past and […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: Easy-Money Policies and Massive Federal Deficits Complicate Investing


After dipping last week, stocks are back up after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the Fed would continue its easy-money policies this year. I’ve already noted how the money supply (M2) is growing rapidly, all apparently in an effort to re-elect President Obama and to help Bernanke keep his job. As a result, the […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: Alert! Rates Rise Sharply Here’s What it Means…


Last week, something happened in the bond market — rates rose sharply across the board for the first time in years. For example, 10-year Treasuries jumped from 1.99% to 2.31%. Talk about March Madness! I think we are seeing the beginning of a major sea change: rising rates as the economy recovers and the Fed’s […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: My Private Meeting at Donald Trump’s Retreat


Last week, I spent some time one-on-one with Glenn Beck at a private meeting at Donald Trump’s Florida retreat, Mar de Lago. My friend Dan Mangru invited a group of friends to meet Beck and talk about his new non-profit organization, Mercury One. Glenn still is doing well with his nationwide radio program and his […]

Skousen Investor CAFE: Soaring Oil Prices Have Far-Reaching Implications


Oil prices for April delivery are close to $107 a barrel today and I expect them to stay high. You probably are not any happier than I am about the high cost of filling up your gas tank at the pump but I do not think we will receive any relief for quite awhile. I […]

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