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We have THE Vaccine to End ‘The Great Suppression’!


“The health and wealth of a large number of individual businesses — small, medium and large – determine the economic health and wealth of a nation.  When they succeed, managers create wealth, income and jobs for large numbers of people. When they fail, working people and their families suffer.” — Shlomo Maital (Visiting Professor MIT Sloan […]

Which Should You Buy Now: Stocks, Oil or Gold?


Note: I have a special announcement at the end of this edition of Skousen CAFÉ and a suggestion regarding what to do when the market is closed on Good Friday. See below. Warning Before the Deluge On Monday, the federal government released gross output (GO) figures for the fourth quarter of 2019. The figures indicated that […]

How to Save a Suffering Investor’s Soul


“Conservative investors sleep well.” — Philip Fisher (p. 135, “Maxims of Wall Street”)  Like most Americans, my wife recently went to the grocery store and stocked up on food and other essentials in preparation for the economic lockdown. One of my favorites is Lipton’s Chicken Soup, which is highly nutritious and even medicinal for the common […]

How to Never Lose Money Again in the Stock Market


“Warren Buffett’s #1 Rule: Never Lose Money! “Rule #2: See Rule #1.” Warren Buffett’s #1 rule is easier said than done. His own investment firm, Berkshire Hathaway, has lost as much as 40% of its money in bear markets over the years! On my shelf, I have a book entitled “Wealth Without Risk,” which was written by the late Charles […]

King Dollar: Up, Up, and Away!


“The U.S. Dollar will remain the world’s currency for the next fifty years.” — Warren Buffett Despite the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing (QE) policy and its decision to cut short-term interest rates to zero (the interest on 90-day T-bills fell below zero today), the dollar continues to surge ahead. And we’re profiting in my Forecasts & Strategies and […]

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Forecasts & Strategies is Dr. Mark Skousen’s monthly advisory service. For 40+ years now, it’s shared his market perspective, unique insights, profitable recommendations and money-protecting strategies. You don’t last 40 days in this business, let alone 40 years, unless you’re good. Dr. Skousen’s so good, in fact, that just one of his recommended portfolio’s – The Flying Five (which takes 5 minutes a year to manage), has beaten the market handily for a decade. Click here now to learn more.

There is Hope for Investors — Look At This Chart!


 “Never underestimate the size of a panic, nor the power of a politician.” – Sir Harry Schultz (p. 112, “Maxims of Wall Street”) After the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a “pandemic” yesterday, Wall Street suddenly entered bearish territory and fell more than 20% in just one month! Talk about March Madness. Everyone is panicking. In this issue, […]

We Already Have a Wealth Tax, and It’s a Lot!


It dawned on me the other day when I was preparing to give a lecture to my Chapman University students on the cardinal principles of taxation. I suddenly realized that a wealth tax as proposed by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other radical democrats is already in the tax law. It is called RMD — Required Minimum Distributions — that all […]

Is Wall Street on the Brink of Disaster?


“Beware of a ‘black swan’ event that could derail the longest running bull market in history.” — January 2020 Prediction Issue, Forecasts & Strategies My prediction of a “black swan” event just eight weeks ago has hit the global economy fast and furiously, threatening the bull market.  Some experts are now predicting a global pandemic […]

What Senator Rand Paul Told Me Last Night


Last night, my wife and I hosted a reception and fundraiser for Senator Rand Paul and his wife Kelley at our new home in California (See the photo below.) We had over 50 investors and concerned citizens attend. Sen. Paul and his wife have written a full-length critique, “The Case Against Socialism.” They have done a great job exposing the failure of […]

Gold vs. Equities: Which Is Better For 2020?


“Wall Street and the economy are two different things.” — Milton Friedman I just returned from the Orlando MoneyShow, where investors were optimistic and dismissed the fear of a health epidemic. Yet, the coronavirus is taking its toll. The Chinese economy is tanking, commodity prices are plunging and interest rates are hitting new lows. At one […]

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